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Horningsham Community

Councillor Responsibilites

Horningsham Parish Council Committees and Councillors Responsibilities


Staffing Committee – Vice Chairman and three other Councillors

Vice Chairman Stephen Crossman Ken Windess, Elizabeth Glover, and Dermot FitzGerald.


Planning Committee

Full Council will comment on applications.


The parish  representative for each of the below are:


Highways Representative – to liaise with the Highways Community Co-ordinator and attend Community Action Tasking Group meetings when necessary.

Councillor ken Windess.


Rights of Way Representative – to advise Council and work with the Wiltshire Council Team on the upkeep of the rights of way within the parish.

Councillor Matt Simpson.


Litter Pick Co-ordinator – To supervise the Litter Pick Volunteers, hold the litter pick equipment, and inform the Clerk of any Health & Safety requirements.


Neighbourhood Watch Representative – to work with the Rural Policing Team and attend Neighbourhood Tasking Group meetings.

Councillor Matt Simpson.


Community Emergency Volunteer – to be the designated contact and update the Community Emergency Plan as and when necessary.

Councillor Matt Simpson.


Asset Maintenance – to ensure the Council complies with the Parish Maintenance Plan.

Councillor Stephen Crossman.


Health and Safety Checks – to monitor and assess the assets on the asset list on a weekly/monthly basis and report back to Council.

Councillor Gerard Brierly would continue the Health & Safety checks for the BT Phone boxes. Councillor Stephen Crossman to action the other Health and Safety checks.


Play Area Health and Safety Checks - to monitor and assess the Play Area and Tennis Courts on a weekly/monthly basis and report back to Council.

Councillor John Radley/Councillor Ken Windess when Councillor John Radley is unavailable.


Defibrillator Co-ordinator- to monitor the Defibrillators condition in the cabinet and report online to the Great Western Ambulance Service that it has been checked.

Councillor ken Windess.


Grant Awarding Co-ordinator – to work with groups and clubs when applications are sought.

Full Council.


Parish Plan Representative/Representatives – to work with the Parish Plan Committee as the Councils representatives.

Councillor Elizabeth Glover, Councillor Dermot Fitzgerald, and Councillor Paul Jones.


Noticeboard – a Councillor to put up copies of the Agenda and Minutes and other notices as an when required. The Clerk posts any hard copy for display to the designated Councillor.

Councillor Steven Seals



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